Remote Monitoring and Control Resources

Here are some of the key features associated with Bluetick’s Remote Monitoring and Control System

Key Remote Monitoring and Control System Benefits:

  • NO software to purchase and maintain
  • NO communication or technology infrastructure to purchase, maintain or upgrade
  • NO communication carrier contracts to set up and manage
  • Per user configurable reports, charts, alarms, and screen views
  • Field equipment agnostic; works with any communication capable device
  • Scalability and flexibility- the RMC system will easily scale as your automation needs grow
  • Quickly deployable system as to compared to traditional oilfield SCADA system build out

Typical Remote Monitoring and Control System Applications:

  • Oil Tank Monitoring
  • Oil Tank Measurement
  • Oilfield Call Out System
  • Artificial Lift Monitoring
  • Flow Computer Monitoring
  • Pump Off Control Monitoring
  • EFM Monitoring
  • Compressor Monitoring
  • Waste Water Injection / Disposal Monitoring
  • EOR  Program Monitoring
  • Oilfield Environmental Monitoring
  • Oilfield security and safety

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