Wellhead Monitoring

With the Bluetick RMC well monitoring solution, you can ensure your wells operate efficiently, minimize downtime, and avoid catastrophic failures and the lost revenue they represent. The Bluetick RMC is being utilized on both vertical and horizontal oil and gas wells, as well as wastewater and CO2 EOR injection wells.

As with many other oilfield assets, having ready access to well temperatures, pressures, and flows provides a wealth of information. Line, casing and or tubing pressure transmitters provide the interface to accurate and timely pressure data.  In-line RTD temperature transmitters provide temperature measurements from the wellhead and line, while flow meters provide real time and historical flow data. Any other equipment located at the well site, such as compressor or tank sensors can readily be incorporated into the Bluetick producer well monitoring system.

Wellhead Monitoring

Bluetick has an integrated solution to meet your wellhead monitoring requirements.

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