Investment Differentiation & Sustainability Linked Financing

  • Leverage Metrics Transparency to Differentiate Your Organization and Goals, prove the Right to Operate, and set industry benchmarks for asset control and impact.

Investors should be looking beyond methane when evaluating impact and risk.

Bluetick, Inc’s proprietary SCADA Platform provides an easily customized data platform that continuously monitors environmental impact assessments and provides immediate and continuous control of all assets at any time and in any situation.

What does Bluetick Provide/Deliver:

Bluetick Inc’s proprietary monitoring and control platform provides real-time data collection that goes beyond methane emissions.

  • Measure
    • Bluetick enables clients through data transparency. By monitoring key ESG metrics, investor and the general public can feel confident in their investment decisions.
  • Control
    • Bluetick goes beyond methane and other environmental impact monitoring to provide full asset control, no matter how remote.
  • Benchmark
    • By establishing customized KPIs, operators are able to both meet and exceed basic rules, regulations, and community expectations. Allowing operators to earn the public’s trust, provide data transparency, and set industry-wide benchmarks of excellency.
  • Validate
  • Optimize
    • By coupling impact metrics with continuous control, organizations and teams are able to exceed scoring metrics, thus optimizing operations and differentiating themselves for future evaluations.

The Bluetick Edge:

Bluetick understands that “measurement agenda” can be difficult to successfully navigate for operators and industries. Effective methane and other VOC monitoring is only one piece of the puzzle, and falls short of a complete risk management plan.

To effectively curb environmental impact, a safety factor must be introduced. The solution is a full SCADA platform focused on continuous environmental impact, asset operational monitoring, and full-scale asset daily and emergency control.

Bluetick, Inc understand that risk does not end at methane emissions.

Continuous data collection and asset monitoring empowers companies to optimize assets and successfully quantify success.

Want To Know More?

Give us a call today to learn more about our SCADA solutions and how they can be part of your digital, big data, optimized oilfield future.

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