RMC systems that are smart, responsive and durable…just like a Bluetick Hound


Our company takes its name from the bold nocturnal hunters known as Bluetick hounds. With glossy, patched (or “ticked”), coats, these four-legged charmers are known for being deeply devoted and protective of their owners, while also hunting prey and howling up a storm when they’re successful. There’s a Bluetick hound in our company family, and after learning more about the breed, we felt that the Bluetick personality sounded a lot like our technology.

Bluetick hounds have the endurance and fortitude to trail and track all night. They possess the intelligence and instinct to follow a lead across miles of unfamiliar mountains, and the uncanny ability to turn up the next morning – with torn pads and ears – in the same spot where the hunt began, waiting stoically for his human to find him. Similar to the breed’s tenacious drive, our Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) systems can withstand hurricane-strength weather, operate in remote and hostile conditions, and remain steady in their data capturing and reporting abilities. We’ve described some key breed characteristics below and have drawn a connection between man’s best friend – the hound – and the “Oilman’s Best Friend” – the Bluetick RMC.

Alert and Responsive

This breed is extremely alert and attentive. They’ll hunt for hours, chase prey straight up a tree and immediately let you know – via howling – when their work is done. The Bluetick RMC system is similarly responsive. Our RMC includes an Alert and Alarms Wizard to notify you and your staff about unsafe conditions prior to arriving in the field. You’ll be able to work with your field personnel to troubleshoot your operation in real-time, and your pumpers will be able to plan their daily route based on which assets need their attention. Alarming can be set to happen via automated voice call, SMS, or email, so just like a hound, our RMC will alert you as soon as it’s found something.


Intelligent and Likeable

Bluetick hounds are incredibly intelligent breeds, with an uncanny knack for problem-solving. Once trained, you can take them anywhere, and they will be fine, not to mention charming the socks off people. Just like hunters love the coonhound for their easy-going demeanor, oilmen love Bluetick’s Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMC) for its ease of working with existing field systems. Bluetick RMC seamlessly integrates sensors for pressure monitoring, temperature readings, tank level monitoring, EFMs, wellhead controllers and other devices. It transports that information over cellular or satellite networks to securely present data to your team. The smart RMC system is easily likable for its reliability and ease of use.

Protective and Durable

Bluetick hounds are known for being protective and loyal to their owners, and they’re sturdy enough to weather a variety of conditions and terrain. They are great “watchdogs” and will raise the roof when a stranger approaches your house. They diligently perform their hunting duties across difficult terrain in any weather condition.

Our RMC system is equally protective of field operators and able to withstand harsh environments, including severe storms or massive power outages. Much like the hound, Bluetick goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and steadfast loyalty to our clients. By implementing the Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) system, operators can:

  • Improve safety programs by mitigating risks
  • Relieves staff so they can focus on preventive maintenance and emergency operations
  • Reduce capital expenditure by extending the life of field assets
  • Avoid private communication infrastructure costs

Bluetick Hounds are smart, strong and lovable. It’s no wonder they’re a popular choice for outdoorsmen. Our customers have similar positive experiences using our Bluetick RMC solution. They choose our technology because it seamlessly connects with existing oilfield systems to alert you of any changes in the field, while also withstanding harsh environments and severe weather conditions. Just like a hound is a man’s best friend, our RMC system is an “Oilman’s Best Friend”, so go ahead and take the first step to increasing your production and workplace management by giving us a howl…uh-hum, we mean call.

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