The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) is a real-time, tract-based GIS integrated land administration system that allows for the management of a wide range of information pertaining to mineral and surface rights.

With the fast pace of today’s E&P market, your technology should anticipate your needs before you do, and be ready to streamline your workload so that more energy is available for finding and making deals instead of laboring on administration of paperwork.

The Land Management System is a comprehensive solution that handles tasks with ease, freeing your staff to pursue more productive activities. Oil and gas operators and land brokerage firms can achieve faster decision making, increase their effectiveness, and improve overall efficiency in their operations.

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) provides users the ability to manage surface and mineral tracts and their ownership. Simplified data entry tools and data import options allow users to populate land data into the LMS quickly and efficiently. Once tract ownership is established, additional features become available such as Oil & Gas Leases, Permits, Right of Ways and Agreements.

Create customized documents with merge fields and provide your users the power to generate, save and print these individually or on a mass scale. Define boundaries such as Units, Prospects, Fields and AMIs and quickly attach tracts providing the ability to see all data attached to the tracts within those boundaries.

Reporting on boundary specific data is a breeze and greatly minimizes the time it takes for users to provide answers to management. Depth restrictions can be managed along with the assignment of working interest and overrides. Title can be transferred to one or more individuals and WI and ORRI can be sold and split between multiple grantees; even at various depths.

This robust Land Management System manages the entire life cycle of permit and lease acquisition projects through land record administration. If you are an independent producer or land broker looking to simplify your land administration process and put your data to work for you, look no further.

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