Remote Monitoring and Control

Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control

Bluetick’s Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMC) delivers field and operational intelligence, such that you can troubleshoot operations in real-time and optimally plan your crew’s schedule, saving you both time and money. Our RMC connects you to your field assets via wired or wireless configurations using cellular or satellite networks, providing you with a secure method for data collection and a convenient way to view and analyze it. You’ll have the necessary data to make decisions that will benefit your processes and bottomline.

How can Bluetick’s RMC systems help your operation?

By implementing the Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) system, operators can realize the following advantages:

    • Use asset data to optimize oil and gas production by preventing costly repairs, keeping track of maintenance and ensuring that operations run smoothly
    • Enhance environmental compliance by tracking asset flow/volume data to stop any overflows and damaging spillage
    • Improve safety programs by reviewing field data to prevent personnel from working in danger onsite
    • Rely on asset alerts and data to optimize field personnel route management, such that the most critical problems are fixed first
    • Free staff for preventive maintenance by controlling assets remotely
    • Reduce capital expenditure by extending life of field assets
    • Eliminate need to purchase software and polling engine licenses
    • Avoid private communication infrastructure costs by relying on cellular and satellite networks, thus negating the need for trenching cable and building fieldhouses

Because Bluetick’s RMC systems rely on stable networks to transfer information, they require fewer resources for installation and are less prone to extreme weather or outages, ensuring that data is securely sent to the cloud for your company to access. Our RMC systems also reduce the time and money spent on physically traveling to the oilfield or the investment to build and maintain an onsite server system. With such reliable and fast connectivity, oilfield operators can immediately follow-up to alarms or take action to shut off vulnerable assets.

Bluetick’s RMC Features

Bluetick’s RMC system is able to provide all of the above advantages through our advanced technology. The features below are what makes our product unique and beneficial for your operations:

  • Alerts and Alarms Wizard
  • Alarming via Automated Voice Call, SMS, or Email
  • Secure Remote Control
  • “My View” Dashboard
  • User Defined Reports
  • Configurable Charts, Graphs, and Trends
  • Calculated Measurements
  • Smart Device Enabled

Learn about more features and benefits of the Bluetick RMC system

Brochure - Remote Monitoring ControlWith Bluetick’s oil and gas remote monitoring and control, your field asset data is collected, seamlessly transported and securely stored for you to view and analyze at your convenience from wherever you might be. Our wireless RMC systems eliminate the headache associated with trenching conduit for wired systems, and greatly improve durability during extreme weather, thus making them an integral part of optimized production efforts and improved workforce management. By implementing Bluetick’s RMC systems, your field assets will last longer, your crew will work more efficiently, your field will be more productive, and your company will become more successful.

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