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Bluetick is focused on efficiency.

Founded in 2009, Bluetick delivers strategic solutions that drive operational efficiencies and impactful ROI for teams across the USA.

Our flagship applications include our Proprietary SCADA Solutions Platform and our Land Management System (LMS).

Bluetick's Flagship Services

The Bluetick SCADA Platform

is an innovative digital solution which connects operating teams directly to their assets.

The Bluetick SCADA Platform seamlessly gathers information from sensors, transducers, and other field equipment, configures all data into easily customized reports and dashboard for operational and engineering analysis, and securely backlogs all details for reporting and compliance management.

All data accessible from any location, and alarms and triggers are easily configured to ensure minimal impact and immediate team notification.

Bluetick’s Land Management System (LMS)

is a robust, real-time, tract-based integrated land administration system that manages the entire life cycle of permit and lease acquisition projects.

What We Offer

Oil Pump Jack

Monitoring & Control

Bluetick SCADA Platform (wired/wireless) is built around stable cellular and satellite networks that collect data from assets and instantly upload to secure cloud servers. Operators can easily control, access, and monitor their assets from any device or location, allowing seamless improvements to any operation.

water utility management

Management System

Our Water Management System provides water utilities and management companies the control and analytics needed to maximize productivity and lower operating costs. Water Teams are able to evaluate real-time flow, volume, temperature and pressure data from lift stations, water tanks, aquifers, reservoirs, storm surge, and much more.


Management System

With Bluetick’s Land Management System (LMS), energy operators and brokers have the power to manage the entire life cycle of permit and lease acquisition projects, including the management of surface and mineral tract data, ownership, permits, lease records, right of ways and well information.

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