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Bluetick is focused on efficiency.

Founded in 2009, Bluetick's mission is to provide quality solutions that deliver measurable value and ROI to oilfield owners. Our flagship applications, the Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) system and the Land Management System (LMS), are used by oil field operators and oilfield service providers who have proven their loyalty by using our products for years.

Bluetick's Flagship Services

The Bluetick SCADA Monitoring and Control (RMC) system

is an innovative digital oilfield solution which connects you directly to your wells, compressors, tanks, environmental monitors, flow meters, and other field assets.

That information is readily available on your desktop, mobile phone, or both. The RMC system seamlessly gathers data from sensors, transducers, and field equipment, transports that data to its Network Operations Center, then securely stores and distributes it to operator staff for engineering analysis and immediate follow up of alarms.

Bluetick’s Land Management System (LMS)

is a robust, real-time, tract-based integrated land administration system that manages the entire life cycle of permit and lease acquisition projects.

What We Offer

Oil Pump Jack

Monitoring & Control

Bluetick SCADA Monitoring and Control (RMC) wired/wireless solutions are built around stable cellular and satellite networks to collect data from oilfield assets and instantly upload it to secure cloud storage. Oilfield operators can then access the data from a mobile device or office desktop, allowing them to quickly improve oilfield operations.

water utility management

Management System

Our Water Management System provides water utilities and management companies with the data needed to maximize productivity and lower operating costs. This product’s technology allows water management to remotely capture and analyze real-time flow, volume, temperature and pressure data from lift stations, water tanks, aquifers, reservoirs and more.


Management System

With Bluetick’s web-based Land Management System (LMS), oil and gas operators and brokers have the power to manage the entire life cycle of permit and lease acquisition projects, including the management of surface and mineral tract data, ownership, permits, lease records, right of ways and well information.

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