Management practices across the waterways are evolving, and proper data interpretation for disaster and/or impact mitigation is a non-negotiable cornerstone for any team. At its core, the demand for more effective data stems from two primary initiatives: protecting stakeholders and protecting the environment. The Water Industry is a pillar of human society. Put simply, it is the goal of all involved to not only meet standards but exceed expectations by raising the bar of excellence daily.

At Bluetick, Inc. we understand the demands of water…


Smart systems, such as control, monitoring, and alarm systems are re-surfacing topics of development and expansion discussions as the demand for more trusted data continues across the industry. Although the concepts of SCADA and Remote Monitoring and Control Systems (RMCs) are not necessarily new to the Water Industry, the primary adoption deterrence has consistently been the cost of the system and ease of integration. That invokes the following question…

What sort of monitoring and mitigation is needed to exceed industry benchmarks?


Historically, the emphasis has been on logistical data. In the case of say, Combined Sewer Overflow Systems, proper functionality is crucial. From pump consistency, fluid levels, and even downtime tracking, any derailment of a system can result in catastrophic environmental impact… And now, environmental impact is another crucial component of a smart control system.

No longer does it pay to simply deliver a vital utility, rather it pays to be a Green Utility. The demand for compositional data, such as dissolved solids, fugitive gases, toxicity levels, etc., is prevalent across the Water industry. Regulators want to know more and re-set the benchmarks.

The only way to combat a demand from external regulations is through digestible data. Reliable data systems allows teams to elevate their standards of excellence for more effective and efficient management. RMCs do not eliminate or replace the fundamental demand for interpretation, but they can allow Subject-Matter-Experts the opportunity to respond more intelligently in any critical scenarios.

So, how do the Water and Wastewater Industries appropriately adopt a process that elevates their efforts rather than add unnecessary Red Tape?

Well, again the answer is reliable and digestible data.

How is your team meeting the demand for Green Management and Impact Mitigation?



Having cut our teeth in the Oil and Gas Industry, Bluetick, Inc. understand that a successful partnership is founded in answering the most crucial of questions. What does your team need and want to know? What data is important to the stakeholders and how can it be easily accessed?

Bluetick, Inc.’s SCADA and RMC System are designed to fit the needs of our partners. We believe in partnership over packages, and, it is with this belief, that we easily integrate with any existing infrastructure to supply you with the elements you need most.

If you are interested in learning more about ways Bluetick, Inc’s Team and System can help support your project, connect with us today:

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