Mitigating Environmental Impact in Your Oilfield Operations

As oil and gas production ebbs and flows, monitoring and controlling hazardous emissions is a top priority for safe oilfield management. When demand is up, oilfield operators drill. When demand is down, wells are shut in and assets are put in standby. In both situations, it’s a matter of life and death to monitor H2S, Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and Methane released during drilling activities. 

Years of oil and gas drilling has left behind millions of abandoned wells that release pollutants into the atmosphere. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 3.2 million abandoned oil and gas wells together emitted 280 kilotons of methane in 2018. Additionally, the EPA estimates that the number of documented abandoned wells has jumped by more than 12% since 2008. 

While these numbers are shocking, things could get worse as the pandemic-related dips in demand force oil-and-gas companies to shut in or retire wells altogether. Staying on top of hazardous gas emissions on unused wells requires a remote monitoring and control system that gives you immediate detection of leaks, pressure tracking and air quality solutions for your assets in the field. 

These health, safety, and environmental concerns make it necessary to focus on effective and efficient production and operations management. By staying aware and on top of environmental mishaps before they happen, you can save your company time and money. 

Bluetick’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Solutions

Bluetick’s SCADA Monitoring System solutions are applicable to the needs of HSE groups and help protect the environment, provide accurate data, and maintain EPA compliance. 

A few of Bluetick’s applications include Hazardous Gas Detection, Tank Monitoring, Compressor Up-Time, Flaring Operations, and custom Health, Safety, and Environmental Solutions

These solutions help reduce the risk of environmental mishaps while staying in compliance with local, state, and federal reporting requirements. The system’s features include remote monitoring for high/low level alerts, reporting on Bluetick’s Graphical User Interface (GUI), record keeping, and more.

You can use Bluetick’s applications to support systems such as:

  • Emissions
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Air Quality
  • Greenhouse Gas Regulations

While these are just a few of the benefits to help enhance environmental compliance and improve your safety programs, Bluetick also offers custom solutions to incorporate additional solutions your company may need.

To learn more about our RMC solutions and how they can be part of your safe and efficient oilfield operations, download our brochure and get in touch today!

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