When Every Drop Counts


Maximize Productivity and Lower Operating Cost

The Bluetick Water Management System is a water treatment SCADA system that helps management and utility companies manage sites remotely, lower costs and improve water delivery. Our integrated solution provides tangible and immediate economic benefits while reducing overall costs and streamlining operations.

Operating budget constraints are driving water utility and management companies to focus their attention on improving operational efficiencies. Site maintenance is challenging and facility personnel need information to help them troubleshoot and mitigate site problems before they become serious. Critical site conditions require up-to-date, real time information that can be evaluated to deploy the right people and the proper equipment to minimize downtime.

Real Time Monitoring, Intelligent Strategic Management

The Bluetick Water Management System is a scalable water treatment SCADA system that produces day-one cost savings and long-term infrastructure optimization. A swift deployment of our end-to-end remote water monitoring solution enhances utility operations and provides improved leakage and pressure control. With quick detection of maintenance issues, outages, and pump failures, utility and management companies can diagnose critical errors and expedite repairs to save every drop of water.

Full Time Data Analysis, Rock Solid Support

Bluetick is with you at every step. Our water SCADA experts and customer support team empower utility and water management companies to make lightning fast decisions that impact bottom line performance. Our water treatment SCADA system not only detects issues that affect water management operations, it also helps your team make strategic decisions to improve water delivery.

Fast installation and support for your system ensures that your water management equipment perform at the highest level. The Bluetick Water Management System is a comprehensive end-to-end water treatment SCADA system that gives you the power of insight and the ability to quickly control every step in your fresh water and wastewater networks.

Bluetick delivers strategic SCADA and Land Management Solutions that drive impactful ROI for teams across the USA and beyond.

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