Toxic Gas Detection

Toxic Gas Detection For Wastewater Operations

Early toxic gas detection is critical to safe, environmentally friendly wastewater operations. With ever increasing regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions and hazardous gas leaks, municipal water departments find themselves in the position of responding to potentially hazardous and life-threatening gas buildup. The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) gives you early toxic gas detection and immediate response so you can prevent emergencies before they happen.

When wastewater collects in lift stations, lagoons and storage tanks, toxic gas levels can climb to dangerous levels and present deadly hazards for workers and communities. The risk of noncompliance with safety and environmental regulations climbs relative to the increase of toxic gasses in the system. Toxic gas detection systems help operators monitor for high concentrations of toxic gasses. The Bluetick Water Management System provides an extra level of safety by giving you remote monitoring and notification of system alerts.

Proactive Management of Toxic Gases

When methane and H2S gasses reach dangerous levels, the Bluetick Water Management System immediately alerts wastewater management teams via their mobile or desktop device. When concentrations climb, a system callout notifies you of the presence of dangerous gas levels, giving you enough advance notice to mitigate the danger to others. With early toxic gas detection, you can alert people in the area to take safety precautions.

Better Data for Compliance and Regulatory Record Keeping

The Bluetick Water Management System tracks and records every data point in your system. Inspectors may easily enter data, upload pictures or sketches of the site. All historical data is readily available for easy retrieval.

With secure 24/7 access to data, wastewater operators can search for data from any remote location and generate reports for safety and environmental compliance. The historical data gives you greater ability to provide reporting and analysis for toxic gas levels in your system.

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