Stormwater Metrics

Track Big Storm Events and Rainfall Activity to Avoid Costly Overflows

Monitoring storm events gives water operators the ability to stay ahead of wastewater overflows, reservoir capacity issues and environmental hazards. The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) gives you advanced warnings of flood activity and stormwater metrics to prepare for major weather events that could shock your water utility system.

When retaining ponds, creeks, and city streets flood, massive amounts of water pour into municipal drainage systems and throttle wastewater systems. Predicting capacity and stormwater surges allows you to make split decisions on how to adjust your wastewater configuration without risking overflows, equipment damage, or storage tanks. The Bluetick WMS delivers alarm callouts, visual level indicators, and stormwater metrics directly to your desktop or mobile device.

Predictive Stormwater Metrics For Safer Wastewater Infrastructure

Older wastewater infrastructures were designed to process residential wastewater and drainage through the same system. With major storm events, wastewater systems experience a significant increase in the water flooding through the sewers, pipes, and lift stations. If the volume climbs too high too fast, system damage and environmental disasters can occur. Whether it’s pump failures, lift station capacity issues, or backflows, these major weather events overwhelm water utility companies with expensive repairs and burdensome costs.

The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) can pinpoint problems before they happen. By predicting infrastructure bottlenecks or rising tank levels, you can prepare for water overflows, engage pumps, or move wastewater from lift stations long before flooding hits your system. This critical insight into stormwater metrics can make the difference between safe, efficient processing or hazardous flooding into city streets.

Greater Emergency Response with Stormwater Metrics

Every water utility operator wants faster response to environmental and infrastructure risks. As stormwater metrics reach dangerous levels, the Bluetick WMS gives you the insight and analysis to respond quickly to growing threats. Advanced warnings and remote controls are the tools you need to monitor stormwater metrics before they turn into emergencies.

The reporting tools in the Bluetick WMS also allows you to view historic stormwater metrics including rising creek levels, stormwater surges, and any body of water that may feed into your wastewater infrastructure. With a robust body of historical data, you can determine where problems could happen long before they occur.

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