Flow And Pressure Metrics

Stay in the Flow with the Bluetick Water Management System (WMS)

The success of critical water infrastructure rests on balancing the flow of water through the system and managing pressure build ups that can lead to pump failure. With the Bluetick Water Management System (WMS), you can stay informed about how much fluid is passing through the system and assess capacity from day to day. These powerful flow and pressure metrics give you insight into the true extent of your water infrastructure.

With real time monitoring and control, you can activate pumps to process increased water capacity or open more lines in the system to relieve pressure. By controlling valves in the system you can reroute water or stop water flow into high pressure lines. When lines and pumps are under duress, you can reduce damage to blades and pumps by activating measures that decrease the stress on the system.

With Flow Meter readings and alarm callouts, you can immediately determine usage and pressure buildups in real time. Pressure meter readouts and alerts notify you in advance of potential costs associated with blockages or hard materials in the lines. Tank Monitoring gives you the ability to detect high level situations. Each alert can notify you via text message, email or via an automated voice call with information about critical metrics.

When pressure starts to squeeze your infrastructure, you can detect with accuracy where trouble points exist in your water system. By reducing bottlenecks and potential damage to equipment, you can simultaneously process water faster and avoid expensive equipment failure.

The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) gives you total control from your laptop or mobile device. This control at your fingertips enables you to manage water and wastewater supply while staying fully abreast of the volume of water passing through your system.

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