Lift Station Monitoring

Elevate Your Wastewater Management with Lift Station Monitoring

The performance and function of wastewater lift stations are critical for utility management companies. The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) gives you instantaneous lift station monitoring for greater control and coordination of your water SCADA data. With immediate insight into equipment status and levels, you can avoid downtime and expensive repairs to lift station pumps and electrical infrastructure.

The WMS lift station monitoring capabilities include monitoring lift station levels, lead-lag activity, pump failure, power status, methane and H2 gas levels, and fill cycles. Steady recording of daily pump run times allows you to observe usage and peaks without visiting the site. Each step in the lift station process is tracked and delivered directly to your desktop or mobile device.

Avoid Wastewater Overflows or Lift Station Capacity Issues

The Bluetick WMS lift station monitoring enables you to stay ahead of potentially hazardous incidents associated with wastewater spills, sewage backflows, or deadly gas concentrations. The WMS features alarms and high level indicators to give you immediate notification before emergencies occur.

When pumps fail or tanks overflow, wastewater management operations experience a cascade of remediation costs and penalties from the Department of Environmental Quality. The Bluetick WMS gives you the ability to stay ahead of these issues by providing real-time telemetry data and lift station monitoring that notifies you in advance of potential issues.

Managing dangerous Methane and H2S levels is a high priority for wastewater management operators. With gas level indicators and a series of callouts, you can keep your lift stations hazard free and avoid life threatening disasters. Proactive odor management is also possible by monitoring the levels and status of your treatment chemical storage tanks and pumps.

Greater Planning, Better Productivity, Less Waste

The Bluetick WMS gives municipal engineers and wastewater utility operators immediate access to the wastewater management data needed for community planning and forecasting. Accurate water SCADA data and peak usage reports help you analyze wastewater distribution, lift station activity, and equipment performance. As usage increases, you can stay one step ahead of capital costs without the potential for unnecessary repairs.

With a full suite of reports and customized analytics, the Bluetick Water Management System gives municipal engineers the data they need to make fast decisions and tackle potentially life threatening and environmental disasters. Safer wastewater distribution and faster response to outages and overflows keeps you one step ahead. These lift station monitoring capabilities give you the insight and control needed to efficiently manage your wastewater operations.

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