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Transform Your Water Infrastructure Operations

The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) gives you the power of remote monitoring and control for pumps in your critical water management infrastructure. Bluetick’s SCADA-ready system allows you to stay on top of pump activity from your mobile or desktop devices, thereby minimizing critical failures and overheating. With eyes on the system and a steady stream of performance data, you can get immediate access to actions your pumps are making for freshwater and wastewater networks.

Critical failures occur when pumps experience damage, excessive run times and loss of flow. As the pumps wear out, they draw more current and experience thermal breakdown associated with overheating. The Bluetick WMS alerts you when pumps reach overheating status or lose flow. With a simple push from your device, you can redirect flow to reduce the stress on lift stations or drainage tanks. By shutting off and turning on multiple pumps in the system, you can eliminate the risk of excessive pump run times and detect major issues before they happen.

Remotely Manage Costs and Monitor Activity

The mobile and desktop interface of the Bluetick Water Management System gives you greater insight into pump run time, current draw, and a variety of performance data. Whether you’re on site, in the central office, or away from the field, you can remotely coordinate multiple pumps to increase the longevity of your pumps. When a pump experiences thermal breakdown due to overheating or when a pump is locked open due to lodged material, you can quickly and efficiently shut off lines in the system and turn on additional pumps to route the water to new sections in the system.

Real Time Reporting, Historical Analysis

The Bluetick (WMS) tracks the performance of pump activity for critical water management systems, giving you a steady supply of data for reporting and analysis. By keeping track of this performance information, you can infer where failures and expenses will happen long before your system breaks down. You can pull reporting on pump run times, current draw, pump activity, failures, leaks, and more. Each component in your infrastructure can be monitored, controlled and recorded for a higher level of understanding about your freshwater and wastewater operations.

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