Water Tank Monitoring

Realtime Water Tank Monitoring & Control Keeps You On the Level

The Bluetick Water Management System (WMS) gives you instant updates and alerts as changes occur in your storage tanks. You can regularly track levels, flow, water quality and pump activity as changes occur in your system. With alarm callouts and a continuous stream of SCADA data, the WMS helps you stay ahead of costly failures during peak water usage.

Remote monitoring of water levels, lead-lag performance, and power status give you more accurate reporting and less risk to operations. Our water tank monitoring solutions capture real time continuous level data for freshwater and wastewater storage tanks. By remotely monitoring and managing water level inventories and pump performance, utility companies can prevent negative cost events associated with overfill spills, equipment outage, and environmental hazards.

Rapid Readings for Greater Control

Utility companies rely on accurate water management. With real-time data of water distribution, operators can efficiently track power status, rising currents in pumps, water quality, and slow filling tanks. As equipment approaches critical failure, utility companies can project costs and make repairs long before outages occur. With alarm callouts and user-defined maximum readings, the Bluetick Water Management System gives you immediate notifications to keep you in the loop on activities occurring in your distribution chain.

Water quality readings give you updated analysis of chemical storage and injections to water supply, helping you meet safe EPA standards. Similarly, by monitoring chemical storage tank levels, you’ll know in advance when toxic spills happen in your treatment sites. The real time water tank monitoring information keeps you one step ahead of expensive cleanup jobs and public relations emergencies.

Cutting-Edge Control and Reporting With Enhanced Design

With the Bluetick WMS, utility operators can access water tank monitoring data from anywhere on a mobile device or desktop. Water SCADA data is continuously delivered with instant screen updates, responsive design, and user-controlled configurations. You can oversee usage, peak times, equipment condition and pump run times without being on site or in the office. Callouts, alarms, and alerts give you rapid notification on all activity.

Reporting is a cinch, too. The Bluetick WMS is designed to give you quick audit and comprehensive custom reports on all activity at each tank. For fresh water and wastewater operators, the water tank monitoring features of the WMS offer a variety of Water SCADA analytical tools to produce data in the format you require.

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