EFM Monitoring

EFM Monitoring

Manual “pen-to-paper” collection of EFM data is prone to human error. Delayed production reporting and inaccurate asset measurements lead directly to losses to your bottom line. We understand the rough conditions of working in the field and how corners can too easily be cut if it means a shorter day for the crew. That doesn’t mean your business has to suffer.

Our EFM monitoring solution removes the risk of poor data collection or mishandled documents by putting the power of information in the hands of the owner. The EFM solution remotely captures flow data and instantaneously uploads it to secure cloud storage, in addition to sending alerts if an oilfield has ceased production or been shut in. By bypassing the process of handwritten data collection, our EFM monitoring solution eliminates the delay in transfer of data from the field to both the operations and accounting departments in the back office.

As an operator, you can log into your Bluetick dashboard at anytime, from anywhere, to analyze production tracking, flow rates and any abnormalities. With our EFM monitoring solution, you won’t waste valuable time driving to oilfields to manually gather flow data nor wait for delayed data reporting. In essence, by using our EFM solution, you’ll save money and time otherwise spent on inefficient flow measuring processes.

Bluetick’s Electronic Flow Meters provide the following advantages over competitor products:

  • Track your production
  • Eliminate paper trail
  • Reduce human error
  • Create reports and trends from historical data
  • Immediate notification of production event
  • 24/7 text message, email and voice-callout
  • Easily upload flow data to production accounting software (macros)
  • Connects to any electronic flow meter
  • Visualize assets in MapView

Whether you’re capturing pressure, volume, or flow rate data, Bluetick’s Electronic Flow Meter systems easily upload information into your production accounting system, eliminating the paper trail and human error. Users can also analyze trends or spot any operational problems on their desktop or mobile device reducing the windshield time required by manual data collection. This vital information allows field engineering to take the preemptive steps required to maximize production, reduce down time, and efficiently utilize field operations personnel.

Getting started with Bluetick’s EFM monitoring solution is easy. Our affordable software and hardware solutions are key components in bringing your oilfield into the digital era.

Bluetick’s Electronic Flow Meter monitoring is a key component in bringing your oilfield into the digital era. The ability to remotely measure oilfield flow rates gives you real time production data and provides the information necessary to take any preventative, or repair, actions. Call us today to schedule a demonstration or to learn more about the Bluetick difference.

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