Custom Remote Monitoring & Control Solutions

Custom Remote Monitoring & Control Solutions

You may have already invested in monitoring equipment, call out systems, and data gathering processes. Your operations in the field reflect the unique requirements of your business and the distinct challenges of your site. Every day we encounter circumstances that require creative problem solving and specialized configurations. It’s not unusual for a customers to request a special site visit by our team to scope out custom arrangements to meet their goals.

Bluetick regularly meets the individual needs of our customers by developing original configurations that incorporate existing equipment and applications. We begin each engagement with a thorough needs analysis to gather the requirements for each specific solution. As we discover each step of data collection and production reporting, we provide frank feedback on the capabilities of the existing configuration, the array of existing applications involved in reporting, and how our Bluetick solutions can meet the demands of the client.

Along the way we discuss pricing and what physical assets are needed to provide the most optimal results for data collection and backend reporting. Once the client has signed off on our discovery process, we move forward with a statement of work that defines the scope and deliverables to be provided upon completion. Collaborative communication with our customers allows us to use creative problem solving and transparent scoping methods to develop a wide variety of custom solutions.

The items listed below are just a sample of some of the monitoring applications that the Bluetick RMC system supports.

  • PLCs
  • Emission Systems (Rice-Neshap)
  • Emission Control Systems (ECD)
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Power Generators
  • Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Pump-Controllers
  • EOR Processing Plants
  • Pipelines

Don’t see your solution listed here? Not to worry. We regularly add more solutions as requested by our customers. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can incorporate your requirements into the Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control system.

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