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About our RMC App

Looking to improve productivity and transform your oilfield production data? Now you can do that at blazing fast speeds and increased convenience through the Bluetick RMC app. This isn’t just an ordinary app, it tracks all aspects of your operation, so you don’t need any paperwork. The world is moving towards a paper-free workspace, which means the days of tracking oil and gas production with a pen and paper are over. Now you can easily plan operations or manage regulation requirements with ease.

The RMC application offers a secure, accurate, and convenient way for documenting important field production data. The best thing about it: there is no chance of that data getting lost, like it would if you were recording it on paper. The RMC app is designed to capture all reports and measurements in the Bluetick cloud and seamlessly integrate it with backend analytics and accounting systems. This gives you the freedom to access the data anytime from anywhere in the world.

Achieve complete control over your field operations with the RMC app, which runs smoothly and seamlessly on iOS and Android. The biggest plus point of the app is that it is highly responsive and simple to use for everyone.

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Bluetick RMC App Features

The Bluetick RMC app is loaded with features that makes it simple and convenient to manage your field operations and store oil production data. Some of its standout features include:

  • Manage production data
  • Track and manage lease operator tasks
  • Oil run ticket and water run ticket
  • Track and manage well or lease operator logs
  • Geo-tagging of site information using GPS
  • Track shut-in status and history for a well track
  • All data is seamlessly integrated within the platform

Bluetick RMC App Benefits

Apart from the amazing features of the Bluetick RMC app, there is an extensive list of benefits that you can gain from the application:

  • Works offline
  • Runs natively on iOS and Android devices
  • Simple and easy to use touch-sensitive interface
  • Reduces time and errors in compiling production reports
  • Our RMC app was built with the end-user in mind – oilfield managers and operators
  • Operators can view a long history of entries, treatments, services and other logs to compare against current entries.

The Bluetick RMC app is a game changer for recording production data from the field, since it not only stores all information and reports in one location, but also allows it to be accessible from any device, at anytime and from anywhere in the world. The Bluetick Software gives you complete control to manage every single detail of oilfield production and monitoring with greater ease.

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