EFM Monitoring

Gas flow meters, CO2 injection flows, Oil pipelines. Regardless of your flow requirements, the Bluetick EFM solution samples data as frequently as required to provide alerts and alarms to field personnel. Data points include:

  • Static and Differential Pressure
  • Total Accumulated Volume
  • Flow Rate
  • Last Calculated Volume
  • Yesterday Volume

Pump Off Control Monitoring & More

As data accumulates, trending graphs and detailed reports can provide insight into the operational status of the field. This vital information allows field engineering to take the preemptive steps required to maximize production,  reduce down time, and efficiectly utilize field operations personnel.

EFM Monitoring

At Bluetick we offer useful integrated software and hardware

Bluetick’s EFM monitoring is a digital oilfield requirement. Call us today to schedule a demonstration or just click the “I’m Interested” button below and we’ll send you more information on the Bluetick difference.

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