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Bluetick Wireless: Oilfield Environmental Monitoring

Bluetick RMC systems can operate with either a wired or wireless configuration. Given the challenges of trenching and running wires, our wireless systems provide a direct connection to your oilfield assets, such as wells, compressors, tanks, etc., without the manual effort of installing conduit. The wireless system offers a more efficient and less time intensive solution compared to traditional wired systems. Instead of trenching and laying conduit for a wired connection to your onsite servers, the Bluetick wireless system captures data from field assets, then uses a cellular or satellite network to send it to Bluetick’s private cloud storage, where it can then be accessed by desktop or mobile devices.

Wireless systems also remove the hassles associated with troubleshooting connection failures and sensor outages. As opposed to walking down a wired line or digging up buried conduit, the wireless system allows you to easily detect any potential points of failure and quickly replace equipment as needed. As always, Bluetick goes above and beyond to provide service during these technical challenges, which increases the speed with which your operations can get back online.

The diagram below illustrates a combination of wired and wireless assets.

Bluetick delivers strategic SCADA and Land Management Solutions that drive impactful ROI for teams across the USA and beyond.

A wireless system is also incredibly efficient for unmanned platforms, which typically require daily in-person visits to the platform to collect data and visually inspect equipment. With a Bluetick wireless RMC system, real time data can be delivered directly to your office computer or mobile device thereby giving you greater insight into the performance of your remote oilfield assets.

A wireless, cloud-based solution, removes the cost of building an on-site server unit that requires constant support, and it removes the risk of having a single point of failure. Using a cloud-based remote monitoring and control system you have the opportunity to make data-driven decisions to optimize processes, while ensuring that all captured data remains safe and secure.

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