Oil Tank Monitoring & Measuring

Oil Tank Monitoring & Measuring

Remote monitoring of oil production results in more accurate production reporting and less risk to operations. Our oil tank monitoring solutions capture real time continuous level production data which allows you to efficiently manage and report production, improve transportation routes, and mitigate environmental risks. With this data, you can eliminate costly site visits, manual tank readings and emergency trips, while also keeping abreast of inventory.

Our solutions reduce windshield time and risk to personnel by giving operators the ability to remotely measure fluid levels. That means you can schedule pick up at the tank only when it has reached the proper fill level. If a tank extends beyond operational parameters, the system alerts field personnel through any combination of SMS alerts, email or phone callout.

Using It In The Field

  • By remotely monitoring and managing fluid inventories, producers can prevent overfill spills from occurring and causing expensive environmental problems. Producers can also improve their distribution chain using real-time inventory data.
  • Oil and gas production relies on accurate water management. With real-time data of water stock, operators can more efficiently plan water removal deliveries and reduce transit costs.

Storage of liquid chemicals is often costly, dangerous and challenging to monitor. Our remote monitoring solutions can also be used for capturing liquid chemical tank data. With accurate data, chemical companies can more readily comply with government regulations and prevent toxic spills.

Benefits and Features Overview

  • Save time and transit costs by eliminating the need for manual tank gauging and pressure reading. Our remote system will do this for you, so you can work on other things.
  • Access your data from anywhere, on any mobile device, to be continuously informed of your inventory status or to be quickly alerted of any abnormalities.
  • If something goes wrong in the field, you’ll receive rapid notification on your mobile device via SMS, email or phone call. Customize the alert for your needs.
  • Monitor different liquid levels, such as the amount of oil sitting on top of wastewater. This enhances skimming operations while mitigating environmental risks.

Whatever your tank monitoring requirements, Bluetick has an integrated solution to meet your requirements.

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