Remote Shutdown (RSD)

Remote Shutdown (RSD)

Independent controls are critical to the success of production environments in the field or onsite. The Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) solution incorporates a Remote Shutdown Device (RSD) that enables a user to mitigate potentially dangerous or costly events. With an RSD, management of almost any device within a system is possible for any equipment with an on/off or open/close action. This would include pumps, valves, relays, lights, safety devices, or other complex equipment. The following are examples under which a Remote Shutdown Device is required:Manually turning off/on critical equipment in the fieldSafeguard against overflow spillsPrevent overflow of high liquids into a separatorControl saltwater disposal wellsImplement a well shut-in well to prevent liquids from entering the gas linesImplement a well shut-in when H2S levels exceed safe levels

One key characteristic of the Bluetick Remote Shutdown (RSD) is the ability to operate both manually through the Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) application or automatically in the event there is a loss of connectivity. This important safety feature reduces the risk of environmental incidents that lead to extreme delays in production, potential fines or damage to equipment. Greater flexibility for both onsite and off site control is possible using the RSD to manage activities within the production environment.

A simple example of this scenario in illustrated in the diagram below. If a tank is collecting oil and water from a well located several hundred yards or even several miles from the tank battery, a shut down to the pump or header is required to keep the tank from overflowing once it reaches a critical level. The Bluetick RSD is used to implement and monitor this type of remote event to improve production performance.


Should a more intrusive shut-in be required to reduce production capacity after the shutdown of a pump or valve, the Bluetick Remote Shutdown (RSD) can control the action of a blowout preventer or similar prevention device to relieve production pressure in the line. As such, the RSD feature can be configured for the “open/shut” actions of simple equipment in the field or the “on/off” functions of more complex oilfield equipment.

The Bluetick Remote Shutdown (RSD) is a valuable component for any remote control application. With an interface module, wireless equipment, and reliable sensors at the point of reading, the RSD gives the oilfield operator the confidence to manage critical events remotely or manually on site.

Whatever your remote shutdown needs, Bluetick has an integrated solution to meet your requirements.

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