Wellhead Performance

Wellhead Performance

Keeping track of wellhead performance is a vital part of any successful oilfield operation. Receiving real time updates about these activities enables you to stay informed about important production and safety conditions. You can successfully maintain efficient operations with your wells and minimize downtime by using the Bluetick Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) solution to observe and gather data about flow, pressure, temperature, and other performance metrics.

Bluetick RMC is utilized on vertical and horizontal producing oil and gas wells, wastewater wells; as well as, CO2 EOR injection wells. It is a versatile solution that gives you the ability to monitor your production installations with ease.

Monitoring casing and tubing pressures or flow data can provide you with on-the-spot information about wellhead performance, such as abnormally high or low pressure events. The ability to detect if and when a well is flowing can reduce the risk of lost production and save you money. It’s an invaluable benefit to receive wellhead performance information 24 hours a day even in the presence of toxic gases.

In addition to the benefits for production and safety compliance, continual monitoring of flow and pressure allows you to determine and predict reservoir behavior, which are critical metrics for wellhead performance. The collection and analysis of this data simplifies and speeds up build-up or drawdown tests for reservoir analysis. Furthermore, the ability to collect vast amounts of pressure measurements enhances the analysis of the reservoir.

For active analysis of wellhead performance, Bluetick’s RMC system also provides simple pump on/off information to more sophisticated pump off controllers. Our system works with pump-off controllers to provide immediate detection of fluid pounding, gas interference, and more. Instead of driving to the wellsite to determine pump conditions, all the information is provided to your smartphone or computer for convenient 24-hour access to wellhead performance data. Bluetick can also retrieve the pump-off cards (see image) and chart that information for analysis of wellhead performance.


Bluetick has an integrated solution to meet your wellhead performance requirements.

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