Mineral Lease

Dynamic Representation of Mineral Lease Status and Leasehold Interests

Convenient Control of Mineral Lease Information 

The Bluetick (LMS) goes well beyond standard land management systems to provide features that save users time while creating and organizing mineral lease information. Lease contract are classified into “types”, such as Lease, Option, Nomination or 3rd Party Lease as well as any other customer defined category. Within seconds you can designate lessee, lessor and associated tracts as well as additional lease information such as statuses, costs and important dates.

Mass Data Imports and Bulk Data Updates

Mass Data Import tools allow you to avoid hours of data entry. You can import mineral lease and ownership data and perform bulk updates such as changing status settings for all contracts in a unit anytime the status of a well has changed or by simply making concise updates to lease payment information on a mass scale. Managers can perform mass assignments of brokers to tracts and owners providing excellent lease tracking of landmen. Scanned documents can be imported on a bulk scale and attached to mineral leases across multiple projects at once. Users can even utilize our Documents tool to create their own printable leases, which can be merged to lease data one at a time or in large batches.

Dynamic Map Views

When viewing a mineral lease in the Bluetick LMS, users can also view their project map with all tracts on the given lease highlighted. Custom layers can be turned on and off in the map for users to view other pertinent data such as lease statuses, expirations and leasehold percentages. Users can generate a plat map for their records that includes an optional title bar, company logo and/or legend.

Expanded Functionality

Additional features of the mineral lease tools include creating and managing custom lease provisions, attaching courthouse recordings and instruments, as well as providing the ability to assign working interest (WI) and overriding royalty interest (ORRI).

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