Tract Ownership

Comprehensive Management of Surface and Mineral Tract Ownership

Versatile Surface and Mineral Tract Management  

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) manages tracts as well as mineral and surface tract ownership with ease. The simple concept of a person owning a tract at a particular interest is known as an Ownership Record and is the foundation to which all other things are associated. Tracts and owners are created and managed independently, after which tracts can be attached to owners - or owners to tracts, thereby creating a record of ownership.

Dynamic Organization, Effortless Classification

Once ownership records are established, associations can be efficiently assigned to designated leases, permits, or right of ways. Select records by lessor to make connections between all ownership records, and automatically calculate lease interest with the simple click of a button. Using multiple status fields at the ownership level, you can track ownership and competitor statuses and even customize status labels. Common practices include assigning ownership status as state, federal or Indian lands or by tracking the lease or permit procurement process by assigning statuses of Hold Out, Signed or Unsigned. Depth formations, working interest and overrides can also be attached at the ownership level providing managers essential information such as NRI and Company Nets.

Increased Data Efficiency

Using the Tract Ownership tools of the Bluetick Land Management System (LMS), you can manage large numbers of owners and tracts, then search, list, sort, report and map project data as desired. Create projects to segregate data and limit user access to individual projects. Create any number of boundary definitions, including AMIs, Fields, Prospects, and Units; assign tracts to those boundaries and immediately view all attached leases, permits, and ownership. You can even split tracts to create sub-tracts when crossing boundary edges. By entering a title chain for a tract, you can view an entire history of ownership.

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