Depth Restrictions

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) eradicates the common errors encountered with depth restriction calculations found in other land management solutions. 

Attach Depth to Mineral Ownership with an Accurate Sum of Leased Acres

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) precisely separates depth into zones (formations) which reflect the true depth of each section in a mineral tract. By labelling depth formations by ownership, you have the power to keep track of the purchase and sale of mineral tracts by depth or zone boundaries. Deep rights, shallow rights, all manners of ownership are tracked and managed within the system.

Users can set the true name of the formation and define the top and bottom depths for that zone. Once the formation list is defined, users can assign depth to tract ownership, which affects objects attached to that ownership, such as leases and working interest. This can even be performed after the sale of the lease.

Managing Working Interest and Overriding Royalty Interests

Depth Formations extend to the attachment and sale of Working Interest (WI) and Overriding Royalty Interests (ORRI). Users can attach working interest to leases, for instance, and then decide to sell shallow rights while keeping those formations that are deeper. The Bluetick LMS also has an Interest Split tool that defines the formations being sold or kept. It automatically makes the changes necessary to split the tract ownership into the proper depth formations and then split the working interest and overrides accordingly.

The Bluetick LMS gives you the ability to customize reporting to filter information to target acreage and leasehold by depth formation. For example, a user can quickly generate reports reflecting mineral acreage in the Jurassic formation or instantaneously obtain a leasehold report from the Haynesville shale. The options are endless and completely customizable to fit your land management operation.

Symbolic depth formations on your maps allow users to view leased acreage by zone. You can easily view important data pertaining to depth formations and ownership with our powerful map visualizations, thereby giving you greater power to retrieve information about depth restrictions on the fly.

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