Landman Time & Expense

Accurate Landman Time and Expense Tracking and Reporting Without the Hassle of Tedious Accounting

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) is designed with both Operating Companies and Landman Brokerage Companies in mind. Features within the system allow companies to efficiently manage Landman time and expense tracking and reporting without the hassles found in most software solutions. By simplifying the accounting involved with time and expense tasks, the Bluetick LMS gives operators and brokerage companies the freedom to focus on getting work done.

Robust Time and Expense Tracking, Flexible Administrative Features

Users can easily create time and expense and mileage items within a desired date range and attach scanned receipts to each item. Once completed, these time and expense reports can be submitted to management for approval.

Additional features include the ability to assign time and expense and mileage items to one or more objects such as wells, units, prospects or fields. The Bluetick LMS automatically categorizes and totals fees designated to a well, for instance on an expense report, and indicates how monies should be appropriated.

Administrators can create Billing Tasks such as Abstracting, Title Research or Leasing and set mandatory parameters for users, such as designating a task in their Time items. Expense Types can be assigned, such as Hotel, Meals, or Parking, and be listed for each expense item. The optional assignment of rate to billing tasks and expense types assures that each landman can only bill at a designated rate for the task or expense listed. This can even be project specific!

In-Depth Reporting for Management and Accounting

The Bluetick LMS gives users the ability to generate expense reports for individual users, groups of users, all users in a certain project, or all users for all projects. Since a landman can bill to more than one project on a given expense report, the software automatically breaks apart the expenses for each project being billed. This creates less confusion for the user, management and accounting personnel.

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