Instruments & Recordings

The Bluetick Land Management System makes it easy to track and manage the ownership of mineral rights within a Chain of Title.

Keeping track of title changes and signed contract documents can often be a full time job. The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) gives landmen the tools to create, search and view important instruments and recordings without the time-consuming work of research. Faster retrieval, secure storage, and accurate data are the hallmarks of our comprehensive solution for tracking ownership information.

Rapid Instrument Creation, Clearer Chain of Title and Abstracts

Create an instrument directly into the system and attach them to tracts of land. The Bluetick LMS captures each change in title within the system so a full history of ownership is visible at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, users can attach multiple instruments to one tract and designate them as the parent or children of other instruments creating a Chain of Title.

The Bluetick LMS gives you the tools required to compile a collection of Chain of Title into an Abstract. With the Abstract tool you can combine hundreds of Chain of Title documents into a single file representing the complete Abstract for one or more tracts of land. When a single data point is needed from the Abstract, you can quickly search for important elements of the information compiled in the documentation.

Filter by Courthouse Recording, Simplify Reporting

Each signed contract associated with a Lease, Permit, Right of Way, Agreement or Well can be used in search criteria to quickly find a complete copy of the records that exist within the county courthouse. This makes reporting simpler and faster without the hassle of extensive research.

Users can store the type of recording, date recorded, book, page and instrument number assigned to the recording along with any notes that need to be included. Recordings can even be imported on a mass scale and attached automatically to objects such as Leases or Permits.

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