ESRI ArcGIS Integrated

Powerful Mapping & Spatial Analytics

Utilize the power of ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro to build and customize maps to your specifications.

WIth Bluetick’s Land Management System (LMS), you can produce visually stunning maps with data rich layers that represent Public Land Survey System (PLSS), unit and field boundaries, and more. Create plat maps or enhanced maps with tract shading based on leasehold percentage, contract status or competitor leases. With a simple click, the system overlays roads, rivers, pipelines, wells, topographic, aerial, 3D relief, and other critical information.

Custom Layers With Automatic Updates

Attach spreadsheets to layers. Incorporate a geodatabase. Link tracts to land data. With custom layers you can highlight / hash tracts by expirations, status, or leasehold. By using the ESRI ArcGIS platform, the user can import federal, state, and county data directly into the Bluetick LMS mapping environment. You can even identify tracts contained in specific agreements or ownership. 

With the ESRI ArcGIS integration, you get greater flexibility working with maps and compiling all relevant geographic information. Since these layers are joined directly to the land data, all of your most important data is dynamically updated on the map each time you modify the system.

A Quick View of Associations With Faster Print Times

Users can toggle custom map layers as well as one of several interactive ESRI Base Maps such as aerial, street map and topographical layers. Easily zoom in for greater detail about owners, leases, permits, or other key data. The Bluetick LMS uses the power of ESRI ArcGIS mapping solutions to give you easy to read information for swift access to associations. 

Users can stop waiting on a mapper to provide plat maps and when you can generate them for yourself, including customizable options for displaying legend, title and company logo as well. You can even change paper size and orientation. 

Want To Know More?

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