Right of Way Management

Robust Right of Way Management with Dynamic Visualization

Managing Rights of Way

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) includes a right of way management software solution that simplifies the process of creating and managing Right of Way information. Rights of Way are classified into “types”, such as Road or Powerline Easement, Pipeline Right of Way or Facility Agreement, just to name a few. Users can even create customer defined categories for customized management for your unique oilfield needs. Within seconds you can designate grantee, grantor and associated tracts as well as additional information such as statuses, costs and important dates.

Mass Data Imports and Bulk Data Updates

Avoid hours of data entry using our Mass Data Import tool, which allows you to import right of way and ownership data. You can perform bulk updates, such as changing status settings for all right of ways for a given grantor or agent. With the Bluetick right of way management software you can make concise updates to provision information on a mass scale. Managers can perform mass assignments of brokers to tracts and owners, which provides excellent right of way tracking of landmen. Scanned documents can be imported on a bulk scale and attached to right of ways across multiple projects at once.

Right of Way Mapping

When administering a right of way in the Bluetick LMS, users can simultaneously view their project map with all tracts of land highlighted on the given right of way. Dynamic visual representations give you the ability to toggle on and off critical data laid over a map of land tracts. Custom layers in the map can be turned on and off so that users can view other pertinent data such as statuses, expirations and right of way paths. Users can generate a plat map for their records that includes an optional title bar, company logo and/or legend.

Expanded Functionality

Additional features of the right of way management software include creating and managing payments, custom provisions and tract conditions, attaching courthouse recordings and instruments, as well as providing the ability to calculate rod-based cost.

Want To Know More?

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