Payment Management

Versatile Oil and Gas Payment Management With Invoicing and Reporting

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) gives landmen and operators the ability to efficiently manage payments for leases, permits, right of ways and agreements. By extension, each payment is easily created, reported and exported directly within the system. You can maintain payments to landman invoices or generate invoices to be sent to the paying operating company.

Make Payments Now Or In the Future

Payments for leases, permits, right of ways and agreements can be created in the Bluetick LMS. No matter if it’s one time payments or a set of Future Payments, each payment can be set up to display in reports, alerts and our eCalendar. A Future Payment can be easily converted to a Payment at the time it is dispersed, when it becomes a recorded payment instead of a payment set for the future. These tools provide our users with a convenient, simple method of managing payments.

Client Invoicing for Time, Expense and Milage

Landmen can create their own Time & Expense invoices and submit them electronically for management approval. Time, Expense and Mileage items can be created and attached to objects such as wells, units, prospects or fields. The Bluetick LMS automatically categorizes and totals all fees designated to a prospect, for instance on an expense report, which indicates how monies should be appropriated.

Since the Bluetick LMS works for both Operating Companies and Brokerage Agents, a user can have a Day Rate and a Billing Day Rate (or hourly rates). Client Invoicing allows accounting personnel to generate invoices for each landman as well as generate invoices at a billing rate for a set of landmen in one or more projects. Our versatile payment management features allow administrators to manage users across multiple projects and bill and appropriate funds accordingly.

Robust Reporting, Flexible Integration

The Bluetick LMS provides many tools for exporting data to a format that can be readily imported into other systems. Bluetick integrates with several common land accounting systems which can update data between platforms in a timely and efficient manner. With multiple ways to generate and filter reports, thousands of different reporting options exist to keep your operation running smoothly.

Want To Know More?

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