Status Customization

Complete Status Customization Tailored to Your Needs

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) gives users the tools to create, customize, and manage their own statuses. Lease and Permit status, Ownership status, Right of Way status and Agreement status are just a few of the various status sets that can be tailored to suit data management needs. With Bluetick LMS, users can efficiently search and generate reports using flagged data that’s most important for their operations.

Reliable Net Acres Calculations In a Flash

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) ensures that your data calculations remain accurate as status levels change over time. To do this, Bluetick LMS allows users to customize statuses, which can be marked to designate when a status allows net acre calculations. For example, a lease with a status of Active or Held by Production would require that net acre calculations be calculated and displayed while a Lease that is Expired should not.

Tailor-Made Filters To Fit Your Operation

As your administrators customize statuses in the Bluetick LMS, they become filters for searching and reporting. Search for all leases that are Top Leases, Protection Leases, 3rd Party Leases, or Permits that are marked as Signed, Conditional, Mailed Out or Surface Only. Searching with filters allows users to get directly to the data that they need quickly.

Real Time Status Mapping To Reflect Changes to the Data

Since the Bluetick LMS allows mappers to connect directly to specific tables in the database, layers can be created that reflect various statuses. Mappers can create layers to show Competitor Leases, for instance, and those that are Held by Operations or Shut-In. Statuses such as Transferred Ownership or Open of Record can be displayed, and lands can be symbolized that are Federal, State or Native owned. Since the layers are connected directly to the data, the map layers immediately reflect anytime the data changes in the Bluetick Land Management System (LMS).

Designate and Manage Objects by Type

In addition to statuses, Bluetick LMS also provides tools to create, customize and manage various Types. Lease and Permit Types, Tract Types, Well Types and  Agreement Types are just a few of the many different data Types that can be defined and assigned to objects in the system. Other examples include Leases, Options, Nominations, Joint Operating Agreements, Mineral Purchase and Declaration of a Pooled Unit. Similar to Statuses, Types are used for filtered searches and reporting, and they are simultaneously reflected on the layers of maps as the data is changed.

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