Document Creation

Multi-Purpose Document Creation for Faster Data Sharing

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) gives users the tools to quickly create new documents and merge existing land data into the file. With this powerful tool, you can create lease documents or permits, right of way issuances or joint operating agreements, and even mass mail outs to landowners. All are possible with our easy to use document creation feature.

Easy to Use Text Editor for Documents on the Fly

The Bluetick LMS delivers a powerful, built-in editor for creating text documents with various formatting and layout options to help you create new documents. Users can modify font style, size and color; insert tables and manage borders, and even insert images such as company logos. High quality, professional documents can be produced to serve a variety of business purposes.

Merge Data to Provide Rich Data for Your Documents

There is no need to export data from your land management system to manually insert into your documents. These features are readily available in the Bluetick LMS. Using our document creation tools, users can insert Merge Fields into the document that pull data directly from the system. Examples of Merge Fields include landowner name and address, tract legal descriptions, and even interest and acreage calculations. These are then converted to the actual data they represent once the document is merged.

Documents are saved with a Type that represents what kind of data can be merged into it. For instance, users can create mail-out letters for land owners, lease documents or right of ways. When a user is viewing a lease, they are presented with the option to select a document to merge that lease data to. The data is merged to the selected document and is exported in a Microsoft Word format.

Mass Merge for Larger Sets of Data

Documents can be merged to large sets of data simultaneously. The Bluetick LMS enables users to merge to a set of land owners, a group of tracts, or all data in a collection of leases or permits, just to list a few. Once merged, the data is added to the document and exported out as one large Microsoft Word document. For larger mail outs, there are greater capabilities for batches of Word documents.

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