Data Migration

The Bluetick Land Management System (LMS) eliminates the frustration of managing your land data with spreadsheets.

Never Lose Data Again.

Safely and securely execute land management data conversion using our efficient system-to-system migration process. Our engineers are experts in data migration and management in various formats. We customize a seamless experience to ensure no data is lost during the transition, thereby freeing your team to focus on important daily workflows.

Rock Solid Data Conversion

You can launch the process of land management data conversion while resting easy that your data is safe and secure. Bluetick LMS provides the most comprehensive set of data import tools and services on the market along with top-level support of the Bluetick team to ensure your Land Management data conversion is accurate and executed in a timely fashion.

Using our templates you can import tract and ownership data with ease. You can transfer Permit and Lease data and automatically tie it to tracts and owners. Additional tools facilitate the import of data for Wells, Working Interest and Overrides thereby saving countless hours of grueling data entry.

Process Scanned Files With Ease

Bluetick LMS allows for the bulk import of scans, which can be attached to data on a mass scale. Lease files can automatically be attached to the lease, lessor and all tracts that are on the lease – without duplicating data or increasing storage space.

Data conversion couldn’t be easier with the Bluetick LMS and Bluetick team. We know your data is important. Fears of losing data come with any system upgrade. We simplify the process and remove those uncertainties as you elevate your land system to a higher level.

Want To Know More?

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